Chernobyl tour


Probably nearly nobody in the world would ever hear about this town if not the world most famous nuclear accident that happened here on 26th April 1986. That time Ukraine was one of republics of USSR. One of reactors of local Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant had a fatal meltdown which led to explosions which released 4 times more radioactive fallout than explosion of atomic bomb in Hiroshima did.

Today, many years after this tragical events, we can take you to Chernobyl Zone and show you what is left here. You will go around the 4th reactor of Nuclear Power Station and have a photo stop here. Afterwards you will see so-called „red forest” - today's area of scientific researches. One of major points on our route will be famous „Ghost Town” of Pripyat. A walk through Pripyat is an incredible experience. This town used to be inhabited by approximately 50,000 people and was evacuated in only 24 hours. Living houses, tall buidings, kinder garden etc. all empty and still standing here today. You will also see a Central Park with characteristic big Ferris Wheel which was prepared to be open on 1st May 1986 – just a few days after this fatal explosion happend, so it was never used by anybody. We will also visit most interesting sites in Chernobyl town, including Memorial to firemen – raised to commemorate bravery of those who sacrificed their lives to stop the deadly dangerous fire after explosion.

We offer private tours with private English speaking guide.

We can pick you up from your hotel at chosen time.

Tour lasts approx. 10 hours.

    Price: (per person)
  • 490 USD - 1 person
  • 260 USD – 2 persons
  • 205 USD – 3 persons
  • 195 USD – 4 persons
  • contact us – 5 persons or more

All entrances and lunch in Chernobyl are included.

Private tours in: Spanish, German, French, Italian available on request

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